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Hao and Sabine 
Buy the World's Currencies

November 9, 2021

Have you ever seen a coin or banknote from another country? Do you know the national currency of Fiji? Now you can! Join young philomaths Hao and Sabine as they tour the globe discovering the different money used throughout the world. From Greenland to Easter Island and everywhere in between, these adventurous siblings learn about the cultures and histories portrayed on the money from over 260 countries and territories. Filled with images of coins and banknotes in circulation today, Hao and Sabine Buy the World’s Currencies will help you visit every continent and learn more about the history, customs, ecosystems, people, languages, and cuisines that make each country and territory unique!

Maps-4 -- Europe CROPPED -- AT's version.png
maps-7 Asia (Central, East, South) -- Cropped -- AT's version.png
maps-5 Africa CROPPED -- AT's version.png
maps-6 -- Middle East Region CROPPED -- AT's version.png
Maps-1 -- North America CROPPED -- AT's version.png
maps-2 Caribbean CROPPED -- AT's version.png
maps-3 South America CROPPED -- AT's version.png
maps-8 Oceania -- Cropped -- AT's version.png
maps-9 Antarctica -- CROPPED -- AT's version.png
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