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Humongous (& Cool) Words for Kids

June 3rd 2019

Hello philomaths,


Are you bored with the same simple words?

Better yet, do you want to learn words that your parents can’t define, or they don’t know at all?

So how about words like:

           Appoggiatura                         Bibimbap                                  Cymotrichous                      Durchkomponiert

              Exoplanet                Floccinaucinihilipilification                  Graphology                           Housey-housey

                Izard                                      Jeté                                               Kyūdō                                    Lorgnette

            Notaphily                           Ouananiche                           Pythagorean Theorem                  Quintillion

               Rune                                Smørrebrød                                      Tombolo                                  Umlaut

               Vinok                                 Wagyu                                                Xhosa                                 Yamamomo               

         Isso é muito legal!               Xiè xiè nĭ                                             Aluu!                                     STEUPS


to name a few....

Well, this book is for you with over 800 HUMONGOUS and cool words!

Continuing their journey as knowledge seekers, siblings Hao Finley and Sabine Yi, along with some memorable friends, describe how these words relate to them in their every day lives.  

They also throw in other languages for good measure!

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“Wisdom begins in wonder.”—Socrates
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