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I AM Visible.

I am that I am.

      I AM Manifesto

December 11, 2018

I AM Manifesto is 366 mantras. It creates a map or a safe space for children to empower themselves, and to be applauded for giving themselves this control.

With each chapter in the form of a monthly calendar, I AM Manifesto is a simple tool that kids can pull out of their virtual toolbox at any time to build their self-esteem.

Many of the mantras align with certain United Nation's designated international days.


For each mantra, the goal is for Hao Finley, Sabine Yi, and all children to: 


SAY it.





Repetition of a mantra becomes their internal and external reality, their truth. 


I AM Manifesto is inclusive and diverse.

It is for all children.


It is even for adults who feel undervalued. 

It is for philomaths.

“Our first teacher is our own heart.”
—Cheyenne proverb

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